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May 23, 2018
Nathan Hecht

Curious to know how the seeds of “Minnesota Fruit” were sown? It all begins with a team of fruit researchers seeking ways to share the fruits of their labor, so to speak. Academic writing is vital for scholarship and advancing research, but publications are often published in journals only accessible to those who subscribe. Scientists recognize this often leaves a gap between theory and public practice, though the solution is far from clear. The Extension programing offered through Land-Grant Universities include wonderful outreach efforts, but their task of translating ever increasing amounts of information with ever decreasing resources is a daunting one. And in the digital age, people are digesting information in a different manner than in the past. We realized we needed to reimagine our communication style.

As people who share a love of fruit, as well as the challenge of growing it in a northern climate, the idea for starting our own website started to grow on us. What if we could create a site that would be a hub for Minnesota fruit lovers? How could we offer a space for growers and eaters to connect with fruit research, ideas, people, and opportunities? What would it look like? This website sprouted from these questions and that vision, and we hope you will share in this effort with us! Feel free to reach out with any suggestions, comments, or questions you may have, so we may all live more fruitful lives here in Minnesota.


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