Ever grown a ‘Latham’ raspberry? Or wondered where our cold hardy apples came from? W.G. Brierley is your guy!

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What is Minnesota Fruit?

Welcome to the University of Minnesota Fruit Research program. We bring you the latest in our research, plus other interesting things happening in the world of fruit. Here is the latest news. Find more on our Fruit Stories page. 

Our team of researchers, horticulturists, and farmers join forces to create a virtual hub for all things fruit in Minnesota!
Settlers arriving in Minnesota during the 1800s looked to plums to satisfy their need for fresh fruit. And there's quite a story there.
If you want to start an apple orchard, you're in the right place. Find out some of the first steps of becoming a professional apple grower.
A life without flowers would be a fruitless one; literally! But how exactly do blossoms become bounty?
Blueberry plants are right at home in Minnesota. Just make sure to plant the right type and give them the right soil.
This type is new to Midwest production, and it might just mean you could have local strawberries for your shortcake in November!
In June 2018, we're starting new research on kiwiberries for the Upper Midwest. Here's a little Minnesota kiwiberry history.