Insect repellents for berries

April 29, 2021
blueberry fruit on plants

Can spraying essential oils protect ripening berries from invasive spotted-wing drosophila?

by Matthew Gullickson

The Minnesota berry variety scene

January 14, 2020
jim luby standing in blueberry variety trial field

Get a glimpse into the newest berry varieties being tested at the University of Minnesota.

by Jim Luby

Defending berries against spotted-wing drosophila

September 11, 2018
SWD larvae inside blueberry fruit

A new invasive fruit fly, spotted-wing drosophila, is changing the way Minnesota berries are grown.

by Matthew Gullickson

Weeds are a gritty business

September 4, 2018
closeup of grit weeded plot
An innovative grit blaster might help fruit growers control weeds.
by Emily Tepe