Our Research

We work on many different aspects of fruit production here at the University of Minnesota. From apple rootstocks and season extension to attracting pollinators and managing weeds, our work covers a broad range of topics important to commercial growers, home gardeners, and all fruit eaters. Here, you can stay up-to-date on the latest research.  

Timely Tips

Bloom times, weather events, insect pest activities - a good fruit grower keeps track of these and many other occurrences in order to maintain healthy plants and promote good quality fruit. Here, you'll find tips to remind you when to keep an eye out. 

Fruit Basics

It's easy to get caught up in the end product of all this work and just think about the fruit. But it's important to remember that there's a lot of biology involved. The more we understand how these plants work, the better we'll be able to grow them. Check out these posts to get a refresher on some of the basics. 


For over 150 years, the University of Minnesota has been breeding plant varieties that are well-suited to our harsh northern climate. We feel pretty proud that this list includes over 100 fruit varieties. Here we'll tell you about some of our favorites and maybe go into some history or explain how they got their names. You'll also find some more science-y stuff like variety trials and yield data, because to some people that's really exciting reading. 

Growing Practices

For detailed growing information, we'll guide you over to University of Minnesota Extension. But stay here for tips, interesting updates, and the latest research about how to grow some of your favorite fruits.


By planting more fruit plants, we can increase biodiversity across the landscape - both agricultural and urban - and that's a good thing. We encourage you to think about steps you can take to do this. Here, we'll try to inspire you with ideas. 

In the Media

As fruit researchers, we don't get a lot of fame and fortune. So when our work does show up in the news or in magazines or on TV, it's a pretty exciting day for us. When that happens we'll post it here too so you don't miss it.

People and History

There are a lot of interesting, talented people - past and present - involved in fruit research at the University of Minnesota. From faculty, researchers, and students to partners and farmer-cooperators, you'll discover the stories of some of the people who make fruit a more prominent part of the Minnesota landscape. 


On this page we'll alert you to events about fruit and growing fruit in Minnesota and nearby regions. We'll also post presentations and other helpful resources from some of these events.

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