People and History

Historic apples of Minnesota: Looking back to move forward

October 21, 2019
Row of apple trees with fruit

The 19th century was an era of horticultural discovery and experimentation in Minnesota, and it still guides apple breeders today.

by Emily Tepe

A spy, a botanist, and a strawberry

June 11, 2019
strawberry illustration from 1848

A Frenchman on a covert mission in Chile encounters a strawberry and takes it back to Europe. Botanists get involved and eventually develop the strawberry we know today.

by Emily Tepe

Pioneering pomologist of the prairie

June 6, 2018
image of cover of strawberry report by w.g. brierley

Ever grown a ‘Latham’ raspberry? Or wondered where our cold hardy apples came from? W.G. Brierley is your guy!

by Jared Rubinstein

140 years of Minnesota plums

May 15, 2018
a cluster of ripe plums on the tree

Settlers arriving in Minnesota during the 1800s looked to plums to satisfy their need for fresh fruit. And there's quite a story there.

by Emily Tepe