Insect repellents for berries

April 29, 2021
blueberry fruit on plants

Can spraying essential oils protect ripening berries from invasive spotted-wing drosophila?

by Matthew Gullickson

Testing tabletop strawberries in the Upper Midwest

August 24, 2020
strawberries growing in raised troughs

Are you interested in growing strawberries with reduced labor or on marginal land? We are testing a raised gutter growing system to meet those goals.

by Nathan Dalman

The Minnesota berry variety scene

January 14, 2020
jim luby standing in blueberry variety trial field

Get a glimpse into the newest berry varieties being tested at the University of Minnesota.

by Jim Luby

Battling weeds in strawberry fields with living mulch - what we've learned

November 25, 2019
test plot with flat of harvested cabrillo strawberries

We experimented with living mulches for weed control and soil building between rows of annual strawberries. Here’s what we found out.

by Nathan Dalman, Emily Tepe

Living mulch and annual strawberries - about our research

November 5, 2019
strawberries harvested from research plots

Living mulches may give strawberry growers a new tool for weed control and soil-building.

by Emily Tepe

A spy, a botanist, and a strawberry

June 11, 2019
strawberry illustration from 1848

A Frenchman on a covert mission in Chile encounters a strawberry and takes it back to Europe. Botanists get involved and eventually develop the strawberry we know today.

by Emily Tepe

Berries, bees, and borage

December 3, 2018
Green sweat bee on strawberry flower

Planting borage next to a strawberry crop attracts bees and other pollinators, and may even boost strawberry yield.

by Nathan Hecht

Defending berries against spotted-wing drosophila

September 11, 2018
SWD larvae inside blueberry fruit

A new invasive fruit fly, spotted-wing drosophila, is changing the way Minnesota berries are grown.

by Matthew Gullickson

From flowers to fruit

May 21, 2018
Apple tree blooming with pink-white flowers

A life without flowers would be a fruitless one; literally! But how exactly do blossoms become bounty?

by Nathan Hecht

New to day neutral?

May 3, 2018
Picture of day-neutral strawberries

This type is new to Midwest production, and it might just mean you could have local strawberries for your shortcake in November!

by Nathan Hecht