Quantities of quality: Fruit quality of kiwiberry in Minnesota

August 4, 2021
kiwiberries spilling out of an overturned teacup

Quantity or quality? Fruit growers rely on both, but how is quality measured?

by Seth Wannemuehler and Emily Tepe

Timing is everything: Harvesting kiwiberries in Minnesota

August 4, 2021
kiwiberry fruit hanging on the vine

Harvesting can be tricky for a fruit that doesn’t change color. So how do we know when a kiwiberry is ready to harvest?

by Seth Wannemuehler

Choosing kiwiberry varieties

June 30, 2021
Hand holding several Actinidia kolomikta fruit

You’ve been hearing about an exciting new fruiting vine called kiwiberry that can produce tropical tasting fruit in Minnesota, but which varieties should you plant?

by Seth Wannemuehler

Germination: Dissuasion for invasion?

December 1, 2020
germinated kiwiberry plant just emerging from soil in a greenhouse tray

The ability for a plant to become invasive depends on a number of factors like growth rate, flower longevity, and reproductive capability. Seed germination falls under this last category and may be telling about the future of kiwiberry production.

by Seth Wannemuehler

Consumer curiosity and the case of the kiwiberry

August 17, 2020
various berries and comment form set up for consumer survey

How do you market a new fruit that most people have never tried? Read more to find out how kiwiberries are piquing consumer interest.

by Seth Wannemuehler

Tropical flavors and a polar vortex: How kiwiberry buds survive frigid temperatures

July 15, 2020
kiwiberry bud
Take a closer look at the cellular structures of kiwiberry buds to discover how they survive the sub-freezing temperatures of Minnesota winters.
by Molly Bergum

Exploring the invasiveness potential of kiwiberry

February 12, 2020
kiwiberries growing on vine

Kiwiberry is an exciting new fruit crop for Minnesota. Our researchers are working on the many aspects of growing kiwiberry, which includes evaluating the plant for invasive potential.

by Emily Tepe

Get to know the kiwiberry

December 16, 2019
kiwiberries in open plastic clamshell package

Our research on kiwiberry has been getting a lot of press. Find out what they're saying, and check out our video, Meet the Kiwiberry.

by Emily Tepe

Kiwiberries: Minnesota's next fruit crop?

October 29, 2018
Harvested kiwiberries in plastic containers.

U of M researchers are working out the details so regional growers will have success in bringing a taste of the tropics to Minnesota.

by Seth Wannemuehler

What's in a kiwiberry?

October 11, 2018
kiwiberries growing on vine
University of Minnesota scientists are developing protocols for the detection of small molecules in kiwiberries. Find out why.
by Abigail Diering