Get to know the kiwiberry

December 16, 2019


kiwiberries in open plastic clamshell package


Emily Tepe

Meet the kiwiberry

Our kiwiberry team and their research have been getting a lot of press lately. We are thrilled that both growers and consumers are getting excited about kiwiberry and its potential for commercial production in Minnesota. 

If you've read any of our posts here, or come across articles in the media about kiwiberry, you might be wondering where this fruit comes from, what the plant looks like, and how it grows. We created a video to answer those very questions. Whether you're a commercial grower, a home gardener, or a fruit-loving consumer we hope you'll find this plant and its fruit as fascinating as we do!


What they're saying

It's not everyday that fruit research makes it into the news, so when it does we get pretty excited. Check out what these various media outlets have been sharing about our kiwiberry research and researchers.

Growing Produce

Could Kiwiberries Be Your Next Alternative Crop?

Associated Press/Minneapolis Star Tribune

Minnesota fruit researchers hope to promote kiwiberry


The U wants to bring the kiwiberry (whatever that is) to a grocery store near you

Fresh Plaza

University of Minnesota tries to big up the kiwiberry

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