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image of researchers working on low tunnel strawberries

Historic apples of Minnesota: Looking back to move forward

October 21, 2019
Row of apple trees with fruit

The 19th century was an era of horticultural discovery and experimentation in Minnesota, and it still guides apple breeders today.

by Emily Tepe

A spy, a botanist, and a strawberry

June 11, 2019
strawberry illustration from 1848

A Frenchman on a covert mission in Chile encounters a strawberry and takes it back to Europe. Botanists get involved and eventually develop the strawberry we know today.

by Emily Tepe

Berries, bees, and borage

December 3, 2018
Green sweat bee on strawberry flower

Planting borage next to a strawberry crop attracts bees and other pollinators, and may even boost strawberry yield.

by Nathan Hecht

Kiwiberries: Minnesota's next fruit crop?

October 29, 2018
Harvested kiwiberries in plastic containers.

U of M researchers are working out the details so regional growers will have success in bringing a taste of the tropics to Minnesota.

by Seth Wannemuehler

Getting to the root of it: How rootstocks influence apple trees

October 22, 2018
Image of a row of apple trees in a U of M rootstock research planting.

Depending on the rootstock, an apple tree can grow to be 5 feet tall or up to 40 feet tall. But the effect of rootstock doesn't stop there.

by Dr. Emily E. Hoover and Emily Tepe

What's in a kiwiberry?

October 11, 2018
kiwiberries growing on vine

University of Minnesota scientists are developing protocols for the detection of small molecules in kiwiberries. Find out why.

by Abigail Diering

Defending berries against spotted-wing drosophila

September 11, 2018
SWD larvae inside blueberry fruit

A new invasive fruit fly, spotted-wing drosophila, is changing the way Minnesota berries are grown.

by Matthew Gullickson

Weeds are a gritty business

September 4, 2018
closeup of grit weeded plot

An innovative grit blaster might help fruit growers control weeds.

by Emily Tepe

Pioneering pomologist of the prairie

June 6, 2018
image of cover of strawberry report by w.g. brierley

Ever grown a ‘Latham’ raspberry? Or wondered where our cold hardy apples came from? W.G. Brierley is your guy!

by Jared Rubinstein

From flowers to fruit

May 21, 2018
Apple tree blooming with pink-white flowers

A life without flowers would be a fruitless one; literally! But how exactly do blossoms become bounty?

by Nathan Hecht

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